Locally Owned & Operated

About the Local Lion

Who we are

The Local Lion is a family owned and operated business.  Josiah Davis, a Watauga County native, grew up in Boone and is a graduate of Watauga High School. He and his wife, Meredith, are graduates of Appalachian State University. Seeing that Boone was missing a drive-thru coffee shop and doughnut shop, the idea of the Local Lion was born. Josiah and Meredith found doughnut equipment for sale located in Roan Mountain, TN. Little did they know this discovery included the doughnut baking knowledge of  award winning bakers, Tim and Crystal Dekker. Tim and Crystal of Smoky Mountain Bakery, generously trained Josiah and Meredith in the art of making doughnuts from scratch the old fashioned way.

Our Name

As written from Meredith Davis.. ” A few years ago our family went camping up on Snake Mountain. While Josiah was out gathering firewood a mountain lion walked up the path and passed by our campsite. A minute later Josiah came up the same path and had not even see the lion. We like to say he was following the path of the mountain lion….though he never saw it. When we looked to name our shop, we recalled this experience and thought the name would capture a piece of the High Country.”

About the Mountain Lion Roasters

Who we are

Why name a coffee roasting company Mountain Lion? Well, to us, Mountain Lions are rare animals that are at the top of the food chain. Just as Mountain Lions are found on peaks, we strive for our coffee to be at the peak of freshness and quality. Also, we think they are REALLY cool (just like our coffee). Located in Boone, North Carolina at the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Mountain Lion Coffee’s goal is to change the way you think about coffee. It’s not just the stuff you pour down your throat first thing in the morning, it’s the delicious drink that wakes up your taste buds and widens your horizons. We believe in social responsibility and strive to bring you Fair Trade coffees with the goal of Direct Trade with coffee farmers. We believe that this tasty beverage should be grown responsibly as well and strive to support coffee farmers who incorporate Organic growing practices. We believe coffee should be the best it can be, or as we like to say:
Coffee at it’s peak.

About the Owners

Josiah Davis: Born and brewed in Boone, North Carolina, Josiah is an alumni of Appalachian State University and a man of many talents. He and his wife Meredith own and operate Local Lion (see the “Boone Shop” page for more on Local Lion, home of delicious homemade donuts, freshly brewed coffee and other awesome beverages).
David Tatum: A transplant to Boone, NC, David is also an alumni of Appalachian State University. He has been active in the coffee industry for over 7 years. He has been a barista, head barista, coffee shop manager and coffee technician (fancy talk for guy who fixes the machines). During his time at the Wired Scholar coffee shop on ASU’s campus, he has trained many, many baristas in the art of awesome coffee and served thousands of those awesome coffees himself. You could ask him more about it, but he’d rather let the coffee do the talking.